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Lenovo YOGA 900 in-depth hardware review

"In-depth" meaning that you get to see some circuits here. But we'll get to that, let's put some background first. Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated in any way with any trademark holders mentioned nor am I any kind of hardware engineer. A few months ago I bought this laptop for mainly three reasons: cutting-edge hardware for ultraportables (including 512 GiB SSD, and especially 16 GiB RAM, something that leading competitors have yet to start including — RAM is not upgradable so it's important), normal keyboard without counter-intuitive keys (very rare among ultraportables), and super-cool wristwatch hinge, used also for ventilation which means that nothing usually blows hot air to your laps). And all that for price similar to the price of competitor laptops with the same chipset/cpu (keep in mind that even slower large SSDs are still quite expensive). I've found out that it's quite quiet for something having fans at all and quite powerful. I would very