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Public key transition statement

-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA512 So, I've generated a new GPG keypair. It has a set of subkeys (one per usage), which, theoretically, should make it all more convenient and secure. Also it uses currently-recommended algorithms (4096-bit key RSA and SHA512) and was generated using my new hardware entropy source which was the main reason for this change. The old key will be expired in a couple months unless I revoke it as superseded first. There is no reason to believe it was compromised or anything. New key's fingerprint is F819 3F12 6021 6B7D D53B 959F E273 25A3 92D7 0FFB for copying and pasting: 0xF8193F1260216B7DD53B959FE27325A392D70FFB ), long key id is 0xE27325A392D70FFB. Please import my new public key from the keyserver you prefer or using PKA dns records. You can use this command on most platforms: gpg --search-keys 0xE27325A392D70FFB (Unfortunately, GnuPG or/and keyservers don't really support search by fingerprint or showing it in the imp