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Versioning static files with S3 buckets

Although there's a trend of making single-page applications with frontend static files managed separately from backend api, the need of managing static files haven't gone away just yet. And everyone who does web is aware of common issues with it. Probably the most common one is browser cache. Files get cached in user's browser and are used even after you changed and deployed them. Cache-controlling headers can help somewhat but not much. That's my cache-boosting techniques are usually a must. There are many ways to do cache boosting. Usually, it involves adding some version info into all static urls (e.g. /style.css becomes /style-13.29.css or /13.29/style.css ), hence it's often called "versioning". If you use some Django app to manage your static files (compress, combine, minify, etc.) it often can provide you with some solution. Use it, it's probably reliable and easy. This proposal, however, is cool if you happen to use Amazon's S3 for your