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Random work note

I'm currently in a process of getting access to a multi-GPU cloud instance for zk-verified ML experiments (well, I'm just waiting for the Google guys to process a request and thinking about another blog post and a little infrastructure-related project but mostly trying to clear my head to see strategy). Any interesting results will inevitably be published in the company blog but I just wanted to express how I love this opportunity to play with shiny toys helping meaningful cutting-edge research. I only recently joined Inference Labs, had to catch up on a lot of things and don't have many cool results to show yet but I already feel right at home there with all the support and resources being available to me whenever I need something while not restricting my creative freedom in any way. Well, it helps that I have a long history with some of the guys and also that absolutely everyone is just brilliant, if I had to trust the future of the world to just one team I'd think no

New horizons

I originally started this blog with ideas of reviewing devices and services and hoping that eventually if it gets popular enough somebody starts sending me stuff to review. A lot has changed since, I stopped obsessing that much about new gadgets and got into vintage electronics, many of things that were new and interesting a few years ago are a commodity now. I thought about reviewing the phone I finally got to refreshing last year (S23 Ultra is ok upgrade for Note 8, I'm glad that new ultras will finally have flat screen again, I might upgrade next year or so just for that) but I don't really feel like it or think it would mean much for the readers. Most of my vintage electronics is at home where I haven't been for a couple years and it's not something I can currently do something about, I touched a soldering iron like once or twice this year. I might post something work-related once I get the hang of what I'm actually doing there and have some rough ideas wen dece