Saturday, March 29, 2014

Nice Python pack for Vim

I usually use Vim for my coding and all other stuff requiring text editing. There are a lot of plugins, scripts, configs, packs for Vim and a lot of them help with Python. But  so far I could not find the pack I'd love and I'm too lazy to make it on my own, so I usually throw out and re-create my whole Vim config dir once a year or so.

This time I used Klen's Python Mode and it's good judging by number of tools involved: almost all code style/syntax helpers I know (pep8, pep257, pyflakes, pylint, mccabe, and pylama to integrate them), autopep8 to help with formatting and stuff, rope for refactoring (sorry, I won't overwhelm this post with links – look for them in readme in github repo). It can more or less integrate with virtualenv and, of course, use Python syntax and identation plugins for Vim.

It provides commands for almost everything but doesn't provide a lot of convenient hot-keys. Also there are no hotkeys for Django stuff: I'd like to have hotkeys or some menu at least for launching Django's dev server and running tests (with quick-jumps to error positions, as usual). Those things are usually needed not only with Django, but there are usualy no standard ways to do it in Flask or whatnot (maybe Flask-Script will do, but I didn't check it out yet).

It can run syntax checkers on every write or on every write if file's changed, but it doesn't work very good when you write a lot of files in tabs at once with :wa (you'll see several windows with errors at once, one per each file). Maybe I'd like to have my test run on each write (preferably with errors in the same window as syntax checkers), or maybe not – tests can be pretty slow.

Also this and almost every other pack lack possibility to set some settings on per-project basis. Sometimes it can help if you need to set paths, scripts, syntax check options.

But if I start building my own vim-python pack someday, I'll probably fork Klen's one. I didn't see anything better with all those external tools so far.

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