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New horizons

I originally started this blog with ideas of reviewing devices and services and hoping that eventually if it gets popular enough somebody starts sending me stuff to review. A lot has changed since, I stopped obsessing that much about new gadgets and got into vintage electronics, many of things that were new and interesting a few years ago are a commodity now. I thought about reviewing the phone I finally got to refreshing last year (S23 Ultra is ok upgrade for Note 8, I'm glad that new ultras will finally have flat screen again, I might upgrade next year or so just for that) but I don't really feel like it or think it would mean much for the readers. Most of my vintage electronics is at home where I haven't been for a couple years and it's not something I can currently do something about, I touched a soldering iron like once or twice this year.

I might post something work-related once I get the hang of what I'm actually doing there and have some rough ideas wen decentralised AI and global technocracy. Or possibly in my other blogs, I'm still deciding on new content policies. Work is, as always, the best thing I have in life.

Rust is extremely interesting new tool. I'm trying to build a couple utilities while learning, but it's a slow process, not sure if it'll be very useful or production-ready any soon. There might be a couple small Crypto/Web3 projects to play with. Alex always wants us to collaborate on something cool if just for portfolio value, I think a month or two and I might actually be ready to commit to a fun hobby project for a few hours a week.

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Using virtualenv for more than Python projects

Sorry, it's not a complete instruction, just a thought. It occurred to me (some time ago) that Python's virtualenv is, essentially, a simplified version of system "prefix", it has bin, lib, include, and can have more stuff when needed. If you're willing to experiment (you'll probably have to set a few additional environment variables and/or build flags but that's no big deal), you can install various other tools there up until you have a complete system with its own compiler and complete set of libraries although it's much simpler to keep using system compiler and libraries only complimenting them when needed. Granted, prefixes are nothing new, people were using /opt (and their home directory) this way since the beginning of time. But with little help of virtualenv-wrapper or pyenv you can easily switch between them and isolate environments better. Binaries and stuff installed in virtualenv would override system defaults but only when venv is activat

Terrible experience with bluetooth headsets and what to do about it

If you own a Bluetooth A2DP headset and any kind of personal computer, good chance is you tried connecting them together. Isn't it nice to watch movies and listen to music free from cluttering wires? Well, good chance is you hated that experience and if that was the reason for buying the headset, you might've even considered throwing it away (or using it only with your phone). Why do they suck so much? Everything points to the fact that it's not a hardware problem. The same headset most likely will work flawlessly paired with an android device or even the same computer under a different operating system (windows users report huge difference between, like, 8.0 and 8.1, and not in favor of the latter, surprisingly, I think only mac users report good stuff about their macbooks and beats although I didn't try it myself so they might all be faking it :) ). And most likely it's not even the drivers or other low-level stuff, android and desktop linux has mostly the same

Huawei TalkBand B3 (active) review

Despite the fact that no manufacturer ever sent me any free gadget for review, I'm continuing doing it. Maybe I'll become a popular reviewer and they will change their mind. This post will be the first in this year's wearable gadget reviews. To put it into perspective for those who don't know me, I'm not a fitness person, like at all. I eat healthy, I walk kinda a lot, I do some aerobics and occasional cardio but that's it. I'm too lazy even for jogging. But, for some reason, I currently have not one, not too, but three fitness trackers on my wrists. Yeah, crazy, I know, but that was the only way to compare them properly. By the way, wearing TalkBand on the same wrist with anything else is super inconvenient, you can hardly take it out for calls. But more on that later. Why do I need any fitness tracker? Apart from knowing time, I like to know how active I'm during the day, and, more importantly, track my sleep. I have some issues in that department so